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Vashti offers a variety of hosting services designed to provide quality service at an affordable price, from simple Web sites to domain hosting and networking services. Here's a summary:
WWW Sites
Your Vashti website includes 5 Megabytes of storage, 50 Mb monthly traffic, FTP access for maintenance, use of the Site Manager input forms software, cumulative statistics updated daily, and more.
Sample URL:
Fee: $5/month, $5 setup
An email account is good for up to five email addresses and 50 Mb of email traffic monthly. Auto-reply and auto-forwarding are available at no extra charge. Need more? Get all you want in blocks of five.
Sample address:
Fee: $5/month, $5 setup
Domain hosting
If you'd like to have your own domain name, Vashti offers two plans. One is the standard hosting offered by most providers and includes your own IP address. The other involves sharing one of Vashti's IP addresses at a reduced price - the catch is that you will have to add a directory name at the end (see the samples below). Either will require registering the name at the Internic for a fee (payable to them) of $70 for the first two years, and $35 per year afterwards.
(You'll need a WWW or email site in addition to the domain hosting for it to do anything for you.)
Sample URL:
Fee: $15/month, $25 setup
Sample economy URL:
Fee: $5/month, $25 setup
Domain hosting packages
Economy: WWW site, shared IP, and one email address.
Sample URL:
Sample address:
Fee: $12/month, $25 setup

Regular: WWW site, your own IP, and one email address.
Sample URL:
Sample address:
Fee: $20/month, $25 setup
Other services
Web page design, co-location, networking your office, custom Internet-aware software. Contact Vashti for more information.
Why host with Vashti?
The focus is on providing you with a reliable and friendly home on the Internet. Prices are affordable because we keep it simple and use proven software and hardware. You won't be subsidizing someone's expensive yearly upgrade fees. There's no dialup and thus no time spent with modems and phone lines.
Your privacy and dignity will be protected at Vashti - visitors can only see what you want them to see. Email addresses and Web sites are protected from prying eyes. And there's never any advertising. Guidance in making your site load fast and work for everybody is always available.
Vashti has a very high up-time - well over 99.5 percent, conservatively, in the four-years-plus since going online from Tallahassee, Florida, on November 28, 1995. Some of the sites here are known around the world for their quality and interest. There is a difference and you can be a part of it. Call or email to learn more, or click here if you think you're ready to get started.

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